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Subject:I'm not dead, and I'm STILL at the grocery store. What is my life?
Time:03:04 pm
Current Mood:angryangry
Just a quick update since I've been MIA for the last four or five (or however many) months and not actively updating.  I'm still at the grocery store, but I may not be for much longer.  I'm kicking my new-job-search into high gear because I'm at my high point of pissed off with the job. 

The holiday were what they usually are, but with not as much spirit in it this year (well, I certainly wasn't feeling much of the holiday "love" this year).  I didn't put as much effort into the food bank donation drive this year, but I earned enough to be invited to the pizza party next week.  Let's hope I win that damn iPad that they're raffling off.  And P.B. was the highest donation earner again this year.  But it sucked because T.J. and L.J. are both gone, and N.S. wasn't earning as much as she normally would because she was stuck at the self-check registers for the majority of the holidays because of her shoulder.  But one of our newer cashiers was a high-earner, so that's always good to see. 

But like I've said....I've had my fill.  I have to consult my union handbook about it, but I believe I was entitled to my regular six-month raise around Christmas, and my last paycheck did not reflect it.  I don't know if the payraises taper off after being employed for FIVE YEARS, but I really need to look into it. 

Two of our assistant managers have left us to be in charge of the new store that's opening up a town over.  I'm still iffy if I want to transfer over there when they open.  Probably not.  One of them who's going to be the main store manager is kind of a bitch, and the other one I just wasn't too thrilled to work with. 

My hours have been looking like complete SHIT lately.  Of course, post-holidays, they've been scaled back.  But more early-morning shifts (WHY?!!!), and why the fuck was I scheduled till 9 PM one night, then had to be back to be the opening cashier at 6 AM the next goddamned morning?! I barely got any sleep that night!  Oh, and the hours are still inconsistent as hell.  Tell me why I'm working 4 PM to 9 PM tonight.  They hardly ever put me on night shifts anymore. (Which I don't mind; I miss working the afternoon/evening shifts, to be quite honest.)  Is it because they don't have enough cashiers trained to work the self-check registers? 
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Subject:Jesus Tapdancing Christ
Time:12:56 pm
Current Mood:bitchybitchy
This week was my vacation week.  I went into work today to get my schedule for next week.

They have me scheduled some shitty hours next week.  Like, up before the asscrack of dawn early.  7 AM tomorrow.  6 AM (opening) on Wednesday.

Who the fuck hates me at work?!

Oh, and they have me and a couple of other cashiers scheduled for "meeting" time on Tuesday.  Why me and only a couple of other cashiers?  How come we didn't get a staff meeting before the freaking holidays like we used to when R.G. was still in charge of our store? 

God, I need to get the hell out of this store.
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Subject:Shoplifting vs. Price-altering, and those goddamned Goodwill coupons
Time:07:37 pm
Current Mood:draineddrained
First of all, the goddamned Goodwill coupons.  Because that's going to lead in to the other thing I need to gripe about. 

We have coupons for local businesses on the back of our receipt paper.  Amongst one of these coupons is a $5 coupon for the local Goodwill shops.  Some certain customers are a little obsessed with getting these damn things on the back of their coupons.  Obsessed to the point where they have to ask each cashier if their register's receipt paper has coupons on the back of them (some of them don't; it's just whatever we're given and whatever's available), and asking at the self-check registers which ones have them, and asking the cashier to feed the paper forward so they can get that goddamned Goodwill coupon.  Now, when R. was still manager at our store, he didn't want us to do this. Since A. has been in charge, we have not received any official word from her about whether it's okay or not.  I hate doing it because it's imposing on us and makes the customer look greedy.

Yesterday, I caught a customer rifling through the wastebasket by the self-check registers for discarded receipts just for the goddamned Goodwill coupons on the back, and it make me feel really uncomfortable.  First of all, SHE'S FUCKING PICKING THROUGH GARBAGE FOR A COUPON!!!!!!!  Ever watch "Extreme Couponing" on TLC?  When extreme couponers have to start picking through garbage for coupons, then I think you have a problem.  Second of all, SHE'S FUCKING PICKING THROUGH GARBAGE FOR A COUPON!!!!!  Seriously, she has no idea what's in that wastebasket.  There may be baby vomit.  There may be expired lunchmeat.  There may be broken glass.  That's a health and safety hazard, and we can't have the customers doing that.

But you hate to tell them "no" or else they'll--you guessed it.  Go complain to management and tell on you.  *sigh*

I've brought this to a couple of CSMs attention, and hopefully they'll pass word to A. about it, because this needs to be addressed.  Customers are going to some extremes to get those goddamned Goodwill coupons, and it's fucking pissing me off.  One of the other cashiers told me she caught a customer pressing the "feed" button on the receipt dispenser to advance the receipt paper forward to get the goddamned Goodwill coupons.  Now they sure as hell CANNOT be allowed to do that. 

Can we start yelling at customers when we catch them blatantly crossing such a line?  When did the customers start getting the balls to be able to do whatever the hell they want (like this)? 


Now, the other thing.  This didn't happen to me, but after I told one of the CSMs about the garbage pickers yesterday, she told me to keep an eye out for any customer who might be trying to mark down groceries using a Sharpie marker.  Apparently, a cashier yesterday got a customer who brought a couple of items up that looked like they had the barcode slashed out with a Sharpie and had a marked-down price written above it, like 99 cents.  When our store marks down merchandise, we put a sticker on it.  The business with the Sharpie?  Customers are NOT supposed to be doing that.

I thought about it, and I think I'd rather have a customer actually attempt to shoplift merchandise than pull this false markdown shit.  A customer trying to sneak merchandise out of the store without paying at all is just an issue of them being stealthy.  A customer falsely marking down merchandise for me to ring up is just insulting my intelligence.
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Subject:My schedule this week sucks ass.
Time:09:48 am
Current Mood:crankycranky
I don't know why our schedule gets made the way it is sometimes, and it's really starting to piss me off.  Everyone's hours have been getting scaled back, including mine.  The break from working is nice, I suppose (because I can't tolerate the asswipes that shop at our store for very long), but I have bills that need to be paid, and the holidays are coming up.  So for the last few weeks, I've been getting maybe 25 hours a week.  That really isn't enough, for what I get paid.  (After five years here, I'm still not breaking ten dollars an hour.  There's something very wrong about this.)  But then on my days off, when I have stuff to get done around the house, I get called up by work asking to come in because someone called off.  That shit really pisses me off.  Scale back my hours, but you call me up to come in on my day off.  Makes total sense.  Who makes these schedules? 

Oh yeah, I have a 6 AM shift on Wednesday.  That's when the store freaking opens.  Why?!   I never have to work that early!  Who did I piss off to get stuck with such a shitty schedule this week?!  Does seniority not factor in for anything anymore?!

And good luck with me trying to hold down a second job while working at this shithole just to make ends meet, because they don't like to work around a second job schedule.  It's too inconvenient for them.

God, maybe I should go back to college just so they have to work around something.  I hate being on open availability.  I feel like they take advantage of it as much as they can. 

And with the holidays coming up, management needs to have a meeting with the carryouts because I'm not going to be doing 90% of their work while they're off farting around.   If a carryout was at my register and had to go grab something for a customer, and it looks like some bagging work was already done, why can't a second carryout just come up and help out til the first one come back?  Are they really that worried about the first carryout holding claim over that order and stealing their damn tip money?!  Or losing a carryout cart?!  Maybe we should put up a big sign in our foyer like at one of our other stores that lets the customer know that tipping is NOT required and carryout service is free.  These carryouts already earn an hourly wage; they are not exactly living off their tips.  And I feel the tips make them lazy.   Maybe they should not allowed to be accepting tips at all.  I feel a lot of customers refuse carryout service because they feel obligated to tip the carryouts.  And yet here I am, doing about 90% of their work, when one of them comes up and bags maybe one bag and gets to take the order out and get that damn tip.  IT'S NOT FAIR.  I'd like to be able to accept tips, too. 

I am so not looking forward to the holidays this year.  I don't even want to participate in the Food Bank drive this year because fucking P.B. is going to be a damn shark about it and win it again.  (Ugh.  That pissed quite a few of us off at our store.)  L.J. is retiring at the end of the month, and T.J. is gone (she may be back depending on how her well her husband is).  At least N.S. is back, and T.S. will probably be back from knee surgery in about a month.  C.A. is actually pretty good at the donation drive thing, and so is C.B.

I had this one customer a couple of days ago that ticked me off.  He told me how he wanted his order bagged while I was ringing him up.  I didn't really pay attention to him because a carryout will be bagging that and it's not really my job.  Ringing up his order is my #1 priority. 

So a carryout came up to bag his order and asked him, "Paper or plastic?"  The guy didn't answer.  The carryout asked again, "Paper or plastic?"  The customer says to me, "He's asking you a question."  I said, "Excuse me?"  The customer repeats himself, "He's asking you a question."  I said, "What's he asking me?"  The customer said, "I told you how I wanted my stuff bagged." 


Bagging the customer's groceries is not my job.  And quite frankly, I don't like playing Chinese telephone.  Why is it so hard for customers to talk to the carryouts?! 

All I said was, "I'm sorry, sir, I was too busy ringing your stuff up." 

I would so love to grab one of those asshole customers by the scruff of their neck, drag them to the service desk, and make them tell the CSM exactly what they said to me so the CSM can make the judgment about whether I was giving them shitty customer service. 
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Subject:No, no, no, goddammit, NO!
Time:09:07 am
Current Mood:angryangry
Yesterday during one of our busy spurts, I had a customer complain about how we should bring back the "15 Items Or Less" line, because she didn't like having to wait in a line with customers with regular- and -bigger-sized orders to get her few items checked out.  She wanted to know who she would have to talk to about that, so she went and complained to a CSM (D.O) about it.

When it died down, I asked D.O. about what she complained about, and D.O. said that all the CSMs are kind of shooting themselves in the foot about the removal of the express lane, because yeah, people with smaller orders do get the crap end of the stick there.

NO.  No, no, no, goddammit, NO.  Getting rid of the express lane was the best thing A.R. did since being put in charge of our store.  We were the only store in our chain that still had it.  And I will gladly deal with the stupid customers over at the self-check registers instead of being forced to work the express lane ever again. 

I don't think the CSMs are aware of the many, many, MANY asshole customers that took advantage of the "15 Items Or Less" register that would push through with much bigger orders than fifteen items.  I don't care if we could get carryouts to help us bag that shit.  That register also yielded THE WORST CUSTOMERS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cranky senior citizens, the "I'm in a rush" soccer moms, the anal-retentive bitches with nothing better to do than to harrass the workers (Connie Fucking Darsh, I'm looking at you). 

Oh, and let's not forget that they always, ALWAYS seemed to like putting ME on that goddamned register.  I refuse to work it again.  If they bring it back, I will quit on the spot or ask to be transferred to another store. 
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Subject:Is this the 47% Mitt Romney was talking about?
Time:07:26 pm
Current Mood:tiredtired
I had this customer today who said something that really pissed me off, but I kept my mouth shut about it.

I asked her if she found everything she was looking for today (like I'm supposed to).  She said, "No."  I asked what she couldn't find, and she said, "Someone to pay for all of this."  Har-dee-har-har.  I've heard so many variations of that damn joke, it quit being funny after the first five minutes.

When it came time for her to pay, she whipped out her FOOD STAMPS CARD to pay.

Yeah.  Bitch about how you're looking for someone to pay for your fucking food when my tax dollars are going into paying for it for you.  Fuck you, you're part of the 47% Mitt Romney was talking about.

(Might I add that I am a Democrat and feel that Mitt Romney was out of line for making such a grand sweeping assumption like that, and I know that not everyone who is on government assistance is "dependent on the government."  Because when you assume something, you make an "ass" out of  "u" and "me."  But I know the sort of people he was referring to.  People like this bitch who's "looking for someone to pay for her groceries" is exactly what he was talking about.) 

A couple of days ago, after me being on self-check and avoiding Connie Fucking Darsh and the Alkie Psycho Hose Beast, they were both back in the store the next day!  I got to ring up Connie Fucking Darsh!  I'm about halfway through her order, and I get a call from the service desk.  It's S.D.  She says, "Oh God, that bitch has NO LIFE!!!" 

I had to really keep from busting up laughing.  Even the CSMs recognize regular bad customers!  And it's sad, really, if Connie Fucking Darsh is in the store on a regular basis, in a rotten mood, and just looking for an excuse to be a nit-picky bitch to fill the sad pathetic void in her life. 

Then maybe an hour later, I went on break.  I got back from break to find a note on my register that read "When you get back, let's do a flash audit" from D.O.  So I went to the service desk to let D.O. know about the flash audit, and unfortunately, D.O. was waiting on the Alkie Psycho Hose Beast.  S.D. said she could do my flash audit, so we go back in the countdown room with my till, and poor D.O. had to deal with the Alkie Psycho Hose Beast who had apparently won $1000 from some Lottery thing (might have been a scratch-off or the Daily 3 Pick or whatever).  I don't know what the deal was exactly, but she was trying to claim her prize and I think she had to fill out some claim form or go down to South Bend to make the claim and redeem her ticket for her winnings or whatever.  But D.O. was having a bitch of a time dealing with her, and S.D. and I were in the countdown room, and S.D. was saying (loud enough for the two of us to hear, anyway), "Goddamn, if I won a thousand bucks, I'd go straight down to South Bend and just fucking claim it!"

What's she going to do with all that money, anyway?  Blow it on her precious Inglenook Crisp White? KEEP ON DRINKING, HONEY. 
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Subject:What's funny and what's not funny
Time:08:53 pm
Current Mood:angryangry
So I pissed a customer off a few days ago because I didn't find their sense of humor to be very funny.  They told me they were just teasing.  I told them I didn't appreciate being teased.  I got called a rude cashier and was reported.

Okay, let me get this straight.  It's okay for customers to crack jokes at my expense and I'm still expected to put on a fake smile and laugh at it anyway, but I can't crack my own jokes for fear that the customers will get offended by it. 

Yeah, fuck that.

I about quit.  The last time I had a customer complain about something so stupid and petty, I fucking told the CSMs that if a customer ever got me worked up to the point where I was crying again (because we all know this was not the first time something like this has happened to me), I was done.  They are DAMN lucky I did not walk out. 

And I had an epiphany about this. 

If this got reported to the main bosses, what do you suppose they would do about it?  NOTHING!  In the whole five years that I've had incidents with stupid customers, have J.S. and L.M. ever came to the store and directly disciplined me about it?  HELL NO.  You know what they do?  They maybe acknowledge the concern, shoot off a form apology email to the customer, think, "Gee, I hope we didn't lose any business over this.  Oh well.  Ninety percent of the time, they come back.  We run a monopoly over the grocery stores in this area!" Then they count their money and contemplate where the hell they plan on opening up a new store or what floundering grocery store chains they can buy out and convert to their chain to further perpetuate the monopoly.  A copy of the customer complaint is made and then tacked up in the break room as an example of what not to do.  And that's it.

So yeah.  I'm not scared of our main bosses anymore.  I just don't give a fuck. 

I was on self-check for about half my shift today, and normally I'd be all, "UGGGGH WHY?!!!!" about that, but I spotted Connie Fucking Darsh and the Alkie Psycho Hose Beast roaming about, and thanked whatever deity possibly exists that I was not on a regular register today because knowing my luck, I'd have to deal with both of those heinous bitches. 

I had to deal with the Alkie Psycho Hose Beast, though.  Very briefly.  She pointed at me at the self-check registers and motioned me over  (wow, yeah, actually pointed at me....rude, much).  She wanted to know where the tomato sauce was.  I told her it was in aisle 2.  She looked disgusted that she had to go allll the way back to aisle 2, and told me, "I already checked down that aisle.  With all the other canned stuff?"  I told her, "Yeah, it's down there by the canned tomatoes and tomato paste."  She told me, "Yeah, I didn't see it."  I told her, "It should be down there."  She gave me a dirty look and went back down to aisle 2.

Aww, poor drunkie pissed because she needs her fix to get through the day?  Fuck her.  And I can't go look for it for you when I'm supposed to be monitoring the self-check registers. 

L.P. knows her, apparently.  She says that the Alkie Psycho Hose Beast gets angry because "the cashiers don't treat her right."  WE DON'T TREAT HER RIGHT?!  Is this lady fucking high as well as drunk?!  What?!  FUCK HER. 

Oh, and one more thing.  When did it become acceptable to use the term "cunt" as a casual insult instead of "bitch"?  Because I had a customer who was going to pay for her order with food stamps when her buddy or whatever swiped her credit/debit card instead.  She says to her friend, "You cunt!  I could've gotten all of that!"  Wow.  If my friend called me a "cunt" so casually like that, we would not be friends anymore.  And let me tell ya something....if and when a customer ever decides to call me a "cunt," I will raise all kinds of hell and DEMAND a manager over. 
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Subject:It must be nice to not have to work on Labor Day....oh, wait.
Time:08:33 pm
Current Mood:draineddrained
Yesterday was Labor Day, and wow, was it busy.  And customers were just bringing on the stupid like you couldn't imagine. 

I had this one customer that I was bagging an order for because I wasn't going to wait around for a carryout to come do it.  She said she wanted paper bags, so I put a few of her loaves of bread in a paper bag.  Then I opened up another paper bag to start putting some deli lunchmeat and cheese in.  The customer told me that I could just put those in with the bread.  So I grabbed the bag that had the bread in it, took out the bread, and put the lunchmeat and cheese on the bottom because you're not supposed to put stuff on top of bread.  It's just common sense.

The customer said to me, "What are you doing?"

I said, "...You said you wanted the lunchmeat with the bread, right?"

She's like, "....Yeeeah."

I said,  "Do you want me to put the lunchmeat on top of the bread?"

She's like, "...Uh...no."

And the pop sales.  OH GOOD LORD, THE POP SALES.  Pop sales are the worst thing about any holiday because our chain tends to put them all on sale for the same sales price, but they are brand exclusive and can't be mixed and match.  This should be common sense by now. 

This week, the Pepsi and the 7Up/RC 12-packs were four for $7.88.  Must buy four for the sales price, or they're $3.50 each.  The Coke products are not included; they are a seperate sale.  And you CAN'T MIX AND MATCH THE PEPSI PRODUCTS AND THE 7UP/RC PRODUCTS!!  I had a customer who tried to do this today, and I had to explain to him four times that Mountain Dew is considered to be a Pepsi product and you can't get those along with two packs of 7Up.  And no, you can't replace the Mountain Dew with another pack of Pepsi and expect me to give you the sales price for those plus the two packs of 7Up. 

I don't know if customers really don't know how to comprehend the sales signs in the aisles when it comes to this shit, or if they're really that hard to understand.  Or if I'm just appalled that people can't understand this because I'm of above-average intelligence.  (I'm not saying that to rub it in, but this sort of thing just occurred to me, that I understand this sort of thing quicker because....it's just fact.  I am of a higher intelligence level.  Yet I'm stuck working at a grocery store because I am underemployed and am having a difficult time finding a job in the field I actually desire to be working in.) 

The thing that really ticked me off yesterday....it probably bothered me more than it should have, but....ugh.

I had a customer early in the day that was kind of overly thankful for...everything, really.  She was going on about how thankful she was that we were open on Labor Day, that she didn't have to wait for a line to be open.  Then she said, "It's too bad you have to work on a holiday and be away from your family."


I flat out told her, "I don't have a family."

She said, "....Oh....well, it's too bad you have to work on a holiday anyway."

BITCH, IT'S JUST FUCKING LABOR DAY.  IT AIN'T FOURTH OF JULY OR CHRISTMAS!!!  And it's not like anyone was twisting my arm to work on Labor Day.  I signed up to work Labor Day because I had no plans, and time-and-a-half sounded nice (since I'm trying to save money)! 

I can't stand when customers say shit like this to me.  It's like they pity me or something because I'm "forced" to work on a day that most people have off.  But what bothered me the most is that she assumed that I was being torn away from some family affair.  I wanted to tell the customer, "Honey, I'm not married, I don't have any kids, and I have a very small immediate family.  Don't worry about me."  As a matter of fact, I was mildly offended that she had to drag family into this.  Can't you just do your damn grocery shopping and keep your mouth shut? 

Why do people in this town feel like making every minor calendar event into a major holiday worth celebrating?  It's just Labor Day. 


It's a day to celebrate the fact that people work.  I'm working.  Don't feel bad for me. 

What the fuck ever.
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Subject:Hey, it's been a while...and I'm still working in hell.
Time:09:39 am
Current Mood:apatheticapathetic
I should explain my absence. I was offline for a few months there, and I lost my password to get into my account! There you go.

But if I had been actively blogging during those months, a lot of it would have been repetitive shit, really. We've lost some workers at work. Particularly A.L., one of the CSMs, which sucks. Even if she was one of the strict ones that most of the baggers didn't like because she was bossy. I got along with her. She's at one of the other stores now with our old store manager and assistant manager. I saw her there the other night (had to make a stop in there after seeing The Expendables 2).

My bitchings now, though? Oh good lord. Customers are just as bad as ever. All they do is complain over high grocery prices, but they don't want to do anything to try to save money. They don't want to stick to a grocery list or a budget or clip coupons, but they still bitch. What-the-fuck-ever, blah blah blah, don't really care. White people problems, first world problems, that sort of thing.

Carryouts complain that they aren't getting the sort of tips that they used to get. I don't think they understand that they don't need to be getting tips if they're already earning a flipping paycheck. They're lucky they're allowed to be accepting tips at all, in my opinion.

No. My big problem now? One of our cashiers that transferred to our store from another one (actually stepped down from a management position, from what I've heard) seems to be worming her way back up to management. At least that's what it seems like. And I DON'T LIKE IT. P.B. just seems to be rubbing a lot of the other cashiers the wrong way. I at least try to give everyone a shot, but since she's transferred to our store....I just plain don't like her. You know that first impression you get in your gut? I can't explain why I don't like her; I just don't. She's pushy, she's meddling, she's very phony-nice. She volunteers for freaking everything like she's some saint or something. She's horning in on the donation drives and taking the places of the people who were the top earners for our store (like me, and T.J. and N.S.; we still have the luncheon in our minds).  She's overly chatty about her life and overshares.  Like Saturday.  Good lord, Saturday.  I happened to be on break the same time she was, and I grabbed a couple of hot dogs from the charity drive going on in the foyer, and I'm in the breakroom trying to scarf down my hot dogs in my fifteen minutes while checking my texts and Twitter feeds on my phone (I HAVE A FREAKING SMARTPHONE NOW, BAYBEEEEEE)...and here comes P.B., plops down next to be in the breakroom and just launches into a pretty much self-dominated conversation with me out of nowhere about some random crap that I wasn't paying attention to because I was eating and tending to my own damn business.  Like we're buddies or something.  Yeah, right.  I can be nice and civil to her, but I just don't like her. 

Later on that day, one of the other cashiers and I had a little scare when we saw her in the service desk, wearing what looked like a black CSM smock.  H.G. (the other cashier) was all, "OH GOD NO, SHE'S NOT TRAINING TO BE A CSM NOW, IS SHE?!"  I seriously hope not, but she is training to be back in the service desk now. 

FUCK NO!!!!!!

If she's gunning for a management position, I may as well quit.  This is not "her store."  She is not our boss. She is a cashier.  She "stepped down" (willingly, or was asked to) from management for a reason.  And I think some of our real bosses around here need to remind her of that. 

The carryouts don't like her, either.  According to them, she doesn't help bag at all; she just whips stuff down the conveyor belt and doesn't try to sort them.  (Then again, I hear I'm the only cashier that really takes the baggers into consideration and actively helps.  I can't be the only one who does this, seriously.) 

But here's what's currently bugging me.  I had a customer down at self-check yesterday that wanted to purchase a lot of alcohol.  Well, she couldn't purchase some of her stuff because she went over the 72 can/bottle units limit, so three of those 4-packs of wine coolers had to be held aside for her to come back and purchase.  She tries paying for her purchase with a credit card....and the credit card doesn't go through.  She wants to know why her card isn't going through because "there shouldn't be a problem with it.  She hardly ever uses the card, there's barely a balance on there."  Well, the card isn't going through, so I call up to the service desk and tell them the order may have to be suspended if they want to give it a shot up there. 

A.G. comes down to help suspend the order, and the lady's automatically on her cellphone calling her credit card company to figure out why the hell her card isn't going through.  She's not budging from her spot at the self-check and really kind of being an inconvenience to other people who need to use a larger self-check register.  Then A.G. notices the customer has five boxed wines in her cart and tells me, "She can't buy all of those boxed wines at once."  Uhm, yeah, she can.  There's a limit of five boxed wines that you can buy at once.  According to A.G., no there isn't.  There's a limit of 11 liters of wine you can buy at once, and two of those five-liter boxes of wine goes over that.  Yes, this is true, but that pertains to the 750 mL and 1.5 L bottles of wine.  There are notices at each of the registers that there is a limit of five of the boxed wines that a customer can purchase at once.  A.G. tells me that those aren't right. 

Uh, since when?!  If they aren't right, they need to be taken down.  And if they are indeed right, then she needs to re-educate herself about alcohol sale limits, especially if she's management.

I have a feeling she's going to try to get me into trouble for this.  And if she does, I'm fucking going to the union rep about it. 

When I was at the other store last night and ran into A.L. and chatted with her, I asked her about the boxed wine limit, and she said I was absolutely right about the limit of five and that the 11 liter limit pertains to the bottled wine. 

Management, just......ugh.  They try to undermine you and make it look like you're the stupid one. 

Oh, and that customer's card?  Yeah, she should've known that barely using it and then going out and making a bunch of purchases on it would alert her credit card company about the inconsistent purchase use and put a hold on it.   That's what they told her when she called them.  Fucking idiot.
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Subject:Fuck Yeah Retail Robin
Time:07:39 am
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Here's what's been eating up a good chunk of my spare time online (that could be better spent blogging here, really). There's this site on Tumblr called "Fuck Yeah Retail Robin." I love it to pieces. So many people who work in retail make their submissions (I've had a few submissions get put through, as well), and we all laugh and empathize with each other.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Read more...Collapse )

If you're on Tumblr, check the site out. If not...check it out anyway and just lurk!
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